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NLP and Life Coach

I AM Kris, and I live to develop inside myself the Will to live in such a way to morph my shallow human agenda into a way of being that embraces life-learning experience and spiritual vision. Furthermore, my hope is to be a model and catalyst for others to create their own new ideas of Being that align for a more mindful and meaningful life.

My goal with each client is to achieve a radical transformation to create the client’s own unique and conscious understanding of his or her (Self) processes and thus Being, in view of imprints, belief systems, and social mores sourced by Others.

In a nutshell, together we can create new and preferred ideas and Ways-of-Being. In a smaller nutshell, together we can help you achieve what you desire — from no longer biting fingernails to feeling more at peace with your Self and Others. 

What might be your best possible outcome for a one-hour session?

How It Works

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About Kris

Kris certified as an NLP Master Practitioner in 2000 from NLP Comprehensive in Colorado and again 2016 from iNLP based in Temecula, California. NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is hard to explain in twenty words or less. Simply put, NLP is a science of how the brain works. In early 2017, she received her Life Coach certification. 

Kris has been immersed herself in personal development and the healing arts since 2000. Her experiences range through modalities of equine experiential work, metaphysics, spiritual mastery studies, and shamanism. She regards her learnings, tools, and life experiences as invaluable resources as she strives to serve and assist others.

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