Life Coaching is better known than ever and helps people move forward into the life they really want. Coaching covers many areas of life and business — corporate, motivation, health & fitness, career, recovery, relationship, leadership, entrepreneurial, and more. Some believe everyone should have a coach, someone in your corner, to help you identify and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Most life coaching clients are healthy, successful people who might be a bit stuck or simply want to make a change in their lives and want the mastery and support of their own personal coach to do so. 

Kris’ coaching is "Life Mastery and Enrichment Coaching." She helps individuals refine their wants and desires and then achieve them. With Kris as your coach one time or over time, your own goal can be personal, spiritual, professional, related to a relationship — anything you value.

Kris' sessions are advice-free, solution-focused, and action-oriented. Her coaching style allows folks to feel free and happier and builds on what a person has on board already. She inquires and asks questions in ways that elevate each client to his or her next level of clarity, helping that client achieve what he or she wants and desires. Having a coach transforms one’s future.

What fires Kris up most is to inspire people to believe in the magic of their self in this world, so they can notice their own excellence and reach their goals. There is more in life that one could ever imagine. On any level.

What fires you up? 

What might be your best possible goal in an hour session? 
You may witness that change is possible in 60 minutes.

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About Kris

Kris certified as an NLP Master Practitioner in 2000 from NLP Comprehensive in Colorado and again for mastery in 2016 from iNLP based in Temecula, California. NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is hard to explain in twenty words or less. Simply put, NLP is a science of how the brain works. In early 2017, she received her Life Coach certification. Currently she is enrolled in The Art and Science of Coaching at Erickson International, working toward her coaching certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Kris has immersed herself in personal development and the healing arts since 2000. Her experiences range through modalities and studies of equine experiential work, metaphysics, Native American way of life, spiritual mastery paths, and shamanism. Kris takes in all her life experiences and learnings — from personal to corporate professional — then puts them to use in a practical way, moving people forward in ways that are important to them.

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"A perfect day for me is to wake with the light. As I drink tea (okay, sometimes coffee) I read aloud from an inspirational and instructional book. I am in love right now with The Course in Miracles, Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy,  and The Third Millennium. If inspired, I might journal. Then I decide what to do for the day, which comes down to balancing my have-to’s with my really-want-to’s. Coaching and all related activities fall in with the really-want-to’s. More and more each day, I strive for a particular consciousness, the presence and attitude that I wish to bring to every moment.

What does your perfect day look, sound, and feel like?                         Kris

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