Become the Better Version... 1080

Find the clarity and purpose you’ve been looking for, a meaningful life you create on your own or with others. Follow your path to peace and joy. Align with your values and what’s important to you to become who you were meant to be.

Inner Exploration

Inside of you there exists clear guidance that supports you in creating your reality. While exploring within, deep change can happen in a heartbeat. The inevitability of that change rippling out into your life may take some time, or not.

Your Joy is Essential 1080

As your Coach and Guide, Kris hears you. She understands how good it feels to get past barriers. And she cares about your happiness. Why? Because your happiness and joy benefits everyone.

An Anywhere Retreat 1080

Coaching is similar to a retreat in that one experiences a significant shift in one's life, resulting from thought-provoking questions and subtle experiential moments that lead to clarity and a new, more useful perspective.

Solution Focused 1080

Whatever your lifestyle — urban to rural housed, career to purpose guided, income to intangibles focused, activities to attitude resourced, opinion to gender oriented —  you can enjoy life, relax into relationships, find your purpose, level up to that better version of yourself. The exploration is positive, leans toward one's vision, and is driven by solutions.

The First Easy Step 1080



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