Transformative Life Coaching and Quantum Healing Sessions

I like to challenge the status quo in myself and others because I believe we can be, live, and think differently, giving our life more meaning and purpose. By me asking questions and you considering them, you can turn inward to explore and reconnect with your stellar qualities and attributes in form and spirit.

I am a private practitioner offering client-tailored coaching, meaning I ask you about your needs, wishes, and situations unique to your life. I give no advice; instead, I ask solution-focused and most often future-oriented questions because each session orients toward your goal or outcome. During a coaching session, you can gain a sense of possibility and find ways to create meaning and purpose for yourself.

To further understand each other, we can first agree on how different minds work - the conscious, unconscious, and subconscious minds. Few decisions and changes made by the conscious mind are lasting; therefore, we engage with, activate, and motivate your unconscious mind, which is a simple matter of being fully present and willing.

My sessions are naturalistic, meaning change is possible and occurs seamlessly and effortlessly. And enjoyably. Put another way, the mind and body work together elegantly, incorporating anything that comes along that is more useful and simple. In addition, changes are lasting because old patterns cannot reorganize to disrupt freshly organized and more desirable pathways.

In addition to being a professional Life Coach, I also offer past-life regressions and future-life progressions. 

I don't write books (okay, maybe one), don't conduct workshops, don't teach or consult, and don't give advice. I coach. With flexibility, curiosity and creativity. This is what I love to do and how I am most impactful.



Who are You? It is all within you. You have all the resources in you. You are not broken. Your conscious mind, your unconscious mind with your body, and your super-conscious know, even when you don't know that you know.

All you need is Internet or phone service to experience positive and lasting changes. In who you are or how you are. Behaviorally, ability-wise, in your values or identity, in connections you have with others or the world around you, spiritually.



Coaching Coaching is a unique technology Kris applies to facilitate your

desired positive changes. Coaching is not therapy and not counseling because, in a session, you look toward the future and solutions, not the past or problems. Kris offers no advice because your unconscious has all the answers, which come to life by being absorbed in the coaching experience and responsive to Kris's questions.

Quantum Healing Quantum Healing works on the principle that a new perspective or even the tiniest new awareness in one area of your past, current, or future life impacts everything and everyone throughout time. A Quantum-Healing session has three elements: an exploration for building trust and rapport, a trance that typically involves an inner journey, and a re-grounding to affirm and evaluate the learnings. Sometimes the conscious mind needs to be brought up to speed.

NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a science of how the brain works, specifically how a person represents or maps out the world within their mind. You can think of NLP as being a toolbox of experiential processes that facilitate personal transformation.

Hypnosis is about focus and intent, being in a trance. People are in trances throughout their day, from daydreaming to video watching. It's when you are focused on one thing to the degree everything else falls away. Hypnosis cannot create new abilities within a person. Still, it can assist in more useful and better utilization of abilities already possessed, even if one did not recognize the abilities previously.




When You Want Schedule your appointment, selecting a date and time that works best for you. Contact Kris directly if an out-of-ordinary time works better.

As Needed If it seems to you to be senseless to be coached regularly, then you may book a single session each time you feel a need. 

Packages For larger, long-term personal or professional aspirations, consider a bundle of five sessions or one of the 3-, 6-, or 12-month  packages and save money. Packages require that you sign a contract. Package availability is limited by number of enrollees.



Globally Coaching takes place online on Zoom's Healthcare platform, which is HIPPA Compliant. At first, Zoom can feel sterile; then, it can offer safety, connection, and comfort after a short time because being in your own space allows you to relax easily and better access all of your inner resources.

Kris lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. At this time Coaching and Quantum Healing services are available only online.



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Appointment Options include Single Sessions, Subscribe for Five, or Quantum-Healing Sessions.

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"Most everyone I know has a therapist that they go to repeatedly — results are questionable or take forever. I reach out to Kris when I feel the need, then I’m good for months and months. She is results oriented. I feel like I have my own on-demand coach."


"My quantum session changed my life. I can’t capture it in words. I feel a certain peace inside and an assuredness with understanding that I've never had before. It’s like the most comfortable blanket has been laid over my life."


"It seems laughable now, my dwelling on problems and history. Now I get that any and all solutions come from a more expansive perspective. One realization changed everything. My personal life was elevated too even though I went to Kris to level up my effectiveness at work."