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  • Depressed
    August 16, 2021    Dream Something Else    Stop the nightmares and dream something else. I woke up today depressed. Of course, I attributed my despondency to what I perceive Read more
  • Neurologic Levels
    February 7, 2019 and August 9, 2021     I published this rather lengthy blog post in 2019, and I'm posting it again because of its relevance. In the mid-fifties, Gregory Bateson, anthropologist Read more
  • Conscious and Unconscious Minds
    August 4, 2021     I once stayed in the historic Mayflower Park Hotel in Seattle, in a corner room on the seventh or eighth floor. A brick window ledge was Read more
  • Dogs and Serviceberries
    July 14, 2021     I was waiting outside my building entrance yesterday for someone to arrive. A man was approaching on the sidewalk, walking his Airedale. Being a dog lover, Read more
  • Grief
    May 15, 2021     While listening to a therapist and author of many books on the hypnotic therapeutic interventions of Milton H. Erickson, I heard the therapist question whether or Read more
  • Sitting . . .
    May 1, 2021     You sit at your computer with your hand on your mouse or pad, scrolling. If you have specific sites you like to visit, they can become Read more
  • The Next Hero's Journey
    April 24, 2021     Okay, I’ve moved to Chicago. My life has certainly changed. For one, I was outside, like outdoors in the open, for a whole ten minutes today. Read more
  • Safety & Connection Breath
    October 13, 2020     It turns out a breath delivers more than oxygen. The way one breathes can alter one's physiology, by choice or not. The simple exhale in this Read more
  • Cross Crawls
    June 1, 2020     Did you know that when one is stressed the non-dominant side of the brain stops working as usual? Here is a verbal and physical exercise that Read more
  • Balancing Head and Heart
    September 16, 2019      I wrote a little about this at the bottom of the page in a previous blog called “Daily Sharing.” Below is a draft of the text Read more
  • Pardon the Interruption
    April 28, 2019     Why would a coach interrupt a client? Imagine a coaching session that is moving along. The coach is asking questions; the client is answering them. The Read more
  • Daily Sharing
    March 2, 2019    I wish, oh, I wish I knew where I got this. If I had to guess, it might have come from Karla McLaren. My file date of Read more
  • Perspective
    December 20, 2019     Steve Andreas (1935–2018) was an author and leader in the world of NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. One of his sayings was,  “The larger the perspective, the smaller Read more
  • What is Solution Focused
    November, 4, 2018     Solution, the word, means solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation or the answer in puzzlement. Solution-focused applied to coaching means we do not Read more