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Balancing Head and Heart

September 16, 2019 

    I wrote a little about this at the bottom of the page in a previous blog called “Daily Sharing.” Below is a draft of the text associated with this card or chapter from my book Sitting with the Within Masters.

Habits - Head &/or Heart

The head is the mind; the heart is the soul. There is usually a propensity in any encounter to default to one or the other. Knowledge and perception live in the head, and these are not the same. A person totally in their mind is logical, reason-dependent, loves everything explained, is systematic, and to Others can feel perhaps a little cool in demeanor. They think, think, think, know things, and love algorithms. Ego may live in the head.

Love lives in the heart. A person totally in their heart is intuitive or tuned into one’s body, more emotive, caring, generous in compassion and care. They feel and appreciate things and love heuristics, which are assumptions that tend to simplify things in order to lead to desired outcomes. Desires and outcomes in the heart are most often not concrete or tangible.

Of course this is an oversimplification. What might be more useful is to consider the benefit of balancing the head and heart. 


Say one wants to deliver some news or information or make a request of someone. 

If one is totally in their head and communicates information, this may land on the recipient like a cold fish. Information is just information. As the recipient receives information as knowledge, or not, the knowing can be rejected, filed away with tons of other heady stuff, or welcomed to fill in gaps in mental inventory. If the Other has asked for the information it is likely received well. If the Other has not asked and is fed information, then they may feel belittled or disrespected.

If one is totally in their heart and communicates from that actual location in the body, this lands on the recipient like a warm quilt of beautiful shapes and colors. This may feel good, like it’s time to relax into safety and security. Warm and fuzzy won’t sail a ship, solve a problem, even cross the street. But dang, it feels good.

If one drops down from the head and rises up from the heart, one can express one’s Self from the balance point. That point is physically the throat but in truth it is a third state-of-being. What is born then may come out via the voice box — the place of free-will and self-expression — in a manner full of positive (heart) intent (mind) that is respectful and loving.

Therefore, that which is communicated from a point of balance between head and heart will likely be received well, then fully realized in the Other. The manner in which the message is delivered is experiential in nature; that is, it is delivered in a way that involves or relates to the Other's experience — full of personal sensation and state-of-being driven. It has a better chance of touching the Other’s a mind and soul and making a deeper impact. The chances for an aha moment increase. The moment of sharing and connection holds potential for intersubjective experience and cooperation and co-evolution.

So far all talk has been of communication. What if one lived each moment in a head-heart balance? How might that change things?