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Cross Crawls

June 1, 2020

    Did you know that when one is stressed the non-dominant side of the brain stops working as usual? Here is a verbal and physical exercise that one can do to connect the right side of one's brain with the left for more functionality. This exercise also allows one to lower stress, repair dyslexic moments, and get back on track when feeling a little off. The activity also boosts physical energy.

Click on each graphic below and download. Have them available to view when watching the video.



Video Transcript

Hi Everyone. Kris here. Today's 'for 5' is called "Cross Crawls." Cross Crawls is a fun mental and physical activity that is suitable anywhere there is room to stand up and move around. It's useful for your self by your self, and it's even more fun in a group. It connects the left side of your brain with the right side of your brain through the area called the corpus callosum. 

The primary function of the corpus callosum is to integrate motor, sensory, and cognitive performance. It interconnects the brain's two hemispheres, the cerebral cortex on one side of the brain, and the same region on the other. When one is stressed, the side of the brain that is not the dominant side typically shuts down.

So in answer to the question, when to do it, you can do it anytime. In particular, you can do this when you need to lower your stress, when your dyslexia shows itself, or when you are feeling a little off. The activity itself raises your physical energy.

First, you need a graphic that everyone can see. You can make your own. Divide a piece of paper or poster board into five rows and six columns like this. Write in the letters of the alphabet, as you can see. Under each letter, write an L, an R, or a plus sign. L is for left; R for right; a Plus Sign is for both left and right. The only restriction is to not put an L under the letter R or an R under the letter L. Plus Signs go the best under those two letters, R and L.

Okay, now you are ready. You can sit or stand. Read and say the alphabet out loud. Raise your left hand when there is an L under the letter. Raise your right hand when there is an R. Raise both hands when there is a Plus Sign. Do it with me here.

How'd it go? Did you mess up [like I did]? I would expect so. What did you do when you messed up? Did you laugh and catch up? Great.

Okay, that was Cross Crawls 101.

This next time, when you raise your right hand, raise your left leg or foot. And when you raise your left hand, raise your right leg or foot. It is like crawling. And on the plus sign, raise everything. Again, you may be sitting. If you are standing, jump up with your arms raised. Let's try it again.

You can imagine how fun this would be with a group of kids, right? 

[If you or anyone wants more challenge, speed up the tempo of saying the alphabet.]

If you use one of these graphics, the alphabets, too often, your unconscious mind will begin to memorize it, believe it or not. So make a new one, changing the L's and R's and +'s around.

So that's it. Have fun while tuning up your brain!