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May 1, 2021

    You sit at your computer with your hand on your mouse or pad, scrolling. If you have specific sites you like to visit, they can become habitual. They become more and more comfortable for you, so much so, you kind of go into a daydream-like space, a daytime trance. You've been in trance before, like when you're so absorbed in a movie that when someone says something to you, you don't hear them. 'Like that.

And here, gazing at the screen, you know how to be just-right relaxed. And you know further how to make any sort of adjustments that provide you with even more comfort. You can sit like you are, staring at a line of text or a graphic in front of you, focusing on whatever in a soft way.


And as you read some text, you may only half pay attention because you are only a little interested or a little bit curious or it holds only a little value for you. Settling into this right now can allow your mind and body to relax so that you go further into a state of non-doing and non-being. 

I don't know what it would take for something to really excite you. If something came along that was novel and new, that held great potential, or that felt like a profound gift from the Universe, well, that might wake you up. That can ignite a spark in you and could snap you into a sharp focus, wouldn't it. But would it be radical enough for you to do something, something else? Only you know.

One part of you is in this zoned-out habit, while another part of you has another pattern of grabbing the moment and going for what you want because sooner than later, you do something. You take action. You've taken action in the past; you can do something now; you'll likely take added steps in the future. The complexity of grabbing one idea and turning it into something real allows for putting together just how it is you manifest for yourself precisely what you want — step by step or in one fell swoop.

What if you could take significant action right now, right here? What possibilities might open up for you? What might be the impact on yourself and others?

— Kris Kramer, Coach