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August 16, 2021    Dream Something Else    Stop the nightmares and dream something else. I woke up today depressed. Of course, I attributed my despondency to what I perceive as my relationship shortcomings and human dysfunctions, focusing on my sensitivity to life and how I fit in nowhere.

I lay in bed a while, another sign that I was down, and I let the sadness emerge. It took time to cry, then cry I did. It occurred to me my dark inertia stemmed from the situation in Afghanistan. The women. The terror. And atrocities unimaginable in my mind. Then I brought the fear home, wondering if such a state could make it to the United States, to Chicago. I decided it could.

0554326001629143754.jpgSomewhere on the higher plains of my consciousness, that spiritual level of being to go to when desperate, I ran into the tenet that we create our reality. We created this. The country's situation may have been born out of our worst nightmares, our most worrisome future projections. And to this, I say we must cease and desist this kind of dreaming. Now.

The situation in Afghanistan is like a seed that humans planted whilst in a state of hate, fear, dread. We watered it, and it grew organically like a weed. Historians can narrate the story but cannot relate to the nth degree the mitotic separation and migration of each cell in the whole organism. Because it was created collectively out of consciousness. The result is a dark green-and-purple, spiked, noxious weed that emits a poison to kill neighboring plants. A weed is only a plant that a majority deems undesirable. In a cluster, weeds are nearly impossible to eradicate.

If the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and other terrorist groups persist behind the scenes and advance efficiently while in the limelight, so can our dreams and visions of what we want instead. Dream a different dream and be persistent. Be encouraged when things are looking up but dream even harder.

Benevolence is only a theme that a majority deems desirable. Once born, wholesomeness can live long, and it needs nurturing and sustenance.

Dreaming the good dream is the hardest thing for a human being to do, especially when under duress. But, what else can I do as an individual? Honestly, what other way can I have an impact? Some believe prayer is not asking for what we want but instead imaging and appreciating we already have it. It is time to pray. Only a few of you will understand this.

Be specific. Remember other egregious situations that changed unbelievably. Really feel the relief. Fantasize a liberation mission. Allow goodness to flow. Imagine a best-case scenario. It is worth a try, is it not?