Coaching Clients

Kris asked perfectly pertinent questions which lead me to come to conclusions on my own. She intuitively and intellectually knows how to thread the next question…. Honestly, I would love to hear some advice/personal input. … Kris is amazing and did a wonderful job!

— D.C. Irving, Texas


I wish I could meet with her in person. … I will definitely schedule another session. … Kris has a kindness about her that allows me to explore my own answers.

— B.W. Tucson


The way Kris was able to put into words a summation of one of my goals was very clarifying and became an aha moment for me. I am so excited about the tools to move me into building the intentions of where I want my life to go. … It [the coaching session] was so short, found myself wanting more!! … I am in my head so much, it can be challenging for me to verbalize what I’m feeling versus thinking. Kris is so understanding and gentle with her coaching, but she also has a way of getting you out of your head and into the real matter at heart.

— K.O. Denver, Colorado


It [the coaching session] helped me to reconnect with myself and ignite the passion hiding inside me. … Kris has a wonderful ability to help you see inside to the creative potential that is there. Her enthusiasm and support is invaluable. Particularly for someone like me who works alone and is isolated from other artists.

— K.H. United Kingdom


Looking at positive results and steps instead of dwelling on the woes, …. Most curious part [of the coaching session] was being able to look at core values, dreams and passion on a deeper level than I have before. … I'd say it [the coaching session] was great. I just need to keep going to be able to fully find out more about what drives me. … Felt relief and actually accomplished my goals that was talked about.

— N. A. Montana


I love this session, actually. It helps me to kinda boost my courage to be myself. [Spoken during a session by a person who speaks English as a second language.]

— J. Z. Vancouver, Canada


I love the way Kris guides you through the whole session. She is a very respectful and professional coach; kind but with a lot of ability to keep you focus. She knows how to help you to have your own discoveries and once you came up with the awareness she help you to establish step actions for you to make and achieve your goals. … Being totally aware about the accomplished that I have til now and realize that the most important person in my life should be me. When the session ended I have more clarity and felt stronger and very committed to myself. … I’m so grateful for the session.

— M. S. Mexico City, Mexico


Kris [has the] ability to nail-it! … [What surpised me was] My growing awareness of how much my response to a question is to say "I don't know.” … I cannot recommend Kris enough. She doesn't deviate, she doesn't let go, she gets her hammer out and nails you blow by blow - in a good way!!

— K. H. United Kingdom


Kris is gentle in her approach to being "results oriented," and kept me on track during our first session. Many thanks! … [The most significant part of the session was] Talking to my "other self" and releasing stuck energy in the process. ... I look forward to more work with Kris.

— J. E. Montana


The depth of Kris's wisdom, … Being in the woods with a mentor that I know can read my energy and show me how to turn that energy into power. … I've participated in counseling for thirty years and I've met some amazing people but no one with Kris's wisdom and insight. Lucky me...try her, you won't regret it!

— L. N. Montana


I was most comfortable. … [The most surprising part was] That the coach offered nothing -- no advice, no opinion. … It could have gone on forever, I so enjoyed it. Thanks.

— O. Y. Kiev, Ukraine


The coaching was a very connected, whole hearted guidance and probing with understanding and patience; really helped me to understand my deep underlying motivations for the inherent desires/needs in my life. ... Knowing my deep-rooted motivations and then envisioning my ideal future Self helped to redirect my general mental thought processes to a more positive, wholesome, may I say, even loftier way of thinking. ... The experience has been profound and I know it has been working within internally, since. ... Love, Respect and Gratitude!

— N. K. New York


I loved her approach she really helped me peel layers of the onion. I liked her style very much. It was clear she had a vast amount of experience at this.

— M. F. San Fransisco, California


Kris ... supports me in a way that allows me to navigate my question in a way that lets me see new possibilities and solutions. The most significant and curious part of my session was how easily an answer presented itself to a nagging question that had left me feeling overwhelmed. Kris’ process really worked for me. I was surprised how well it worked and how quickly too. It was an outstanding experience, and I can’t think how it could have been improved. The coaching session gave me a lot of relief and also specific help that I use to solve other issues as they pop up.

— Marie West Glacier, Montana



I love the way Kris guides you through the whole session. She is a very respectful and professional coach, kind but with a lot of ability to keep you focused. She knows how to help you have your own discoveries and once you come up with the awareness she helps you establish stepped actions for you to make and achieve your goals.


I cannot recommend Kris enough. We’ve been dipping in and out for a year or so now and every time I come away setting deeper into myself. So pleased I discovered her.


Kris- Thank you so much for the wonderful session. The experience was beautiful and brings a smile to my face whenever I think back on it. Others have noticed a change in me.


Exemplary in your professionalism, authenticity, and making sure that what I asked for is what I got. The new outlook is fantastic. Lots done in a short time. I hope to book another session when needed in the future. Thank you.


Kris, you once again took my vision and helped me on my way to it. My husband loves the work I am doing, and our lives are changing so sweetly. Thank you so very much.


Thank you again for the coaching session, that really freed up my mind so I could ignore the outcome but only focus on the process!


What a joy divine, to find a great coach and an incredible person, at the same time. As far as the session, I have never had a better experience of personal transformation. Kris was there with outstanding communication, really listening to me. I highly recommend this coach!


Sincere thanks for the session yesterday. This was amazing. For me, it was wonderful. The experience was beautiful. It helped me shake of a lot of things that are of no value to me.


Thank you so much for the coaching session. I was able to [do what could not be done before] right after the session! That was so unusual! No hesitation, no heaviness.


News flash. Change does not have to be intense or painful. In fact, I remember Kris and I having a couple great belly laughs. She’s amazing!


Thank you so much, Kris! It was good to go back and listen. I did catch a few things that I put in the blog. Which I just submitted to my editor for review. So thank you! And you were masterful in guiding me to where I got. You have a great coaching style. Thank you again!