Quantum Healing

Kris is trained in Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis TherapySM (QHHT®), Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH), and in hypnosis at the Milton H. Erickson Foundation. Quantum Healing involves relaxation, visualization, and trancework or hypnosis. 

A Quantum Healing Session consists of the following three parts.

Part 1

We ask questions of each other to build rapport and trust. 

We talk about hypnosis and your comfort with it. Many folks misunderstand trancework or hypnosis when it is easy to explain and understand that you have complete awareness and the ability to create a positive and pleasurable experience for yourself.

You set an intention for the session, which is what you are curious about, what you want out of the session, and what questions you want answered.

Part 2

You become comfortable and relax and eventually become absorbed into your trance experience. To relax, be relaxed, and fully enjoy your unique inner exploration allows your unconscious to take you on a journey around your intent. You can explore an internal, rich and vast expanse, being curious about possibilities and opportunities that open up for you along the way. 

The information revealed in this part perfectly fits your level of consciousness and awareness and is nothing less than perfect and nothing more than one can handle.

With your permission, we record this part for your keepsake.

Part 3

You acclimate back to the present time and place, feeling wonderful. You can put words to your experience, helping you connect and incorporate your experience with day-to-day life. 

You resume the rest of your day as usual, with a little extra focus on self-care because detoxification often occurs within the healing aspect.

Know that your quantum-field shifts do not dwell in your left-brain, conscious mind. Your conscious mind will soon notice positive things unfold as you go forward in life while your unconscious mind works its magic behind the scenes because quantum changes occur in the subtle body or energy field. Impacts can be realized throughout your life and your connections with others.

Recording  Typically, you’ll have full recall of your hypnotic experience. For the greatest impact with clarity, this part of the session is recorded for later listening.

Results are Specific  Healing is possible physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and occurs in most sessions. It is best to keep an open mind when going into a session since healing depends on your core beliefs. A person who believes in the process or is at least an open-minded skeptic has a higher chance of radical transformation. A pure non-believer will likely have their lack of belief confirmed by minimal or lack of results.

Safety  All sessions are one-on-one with Kris and solo for security and privacy. You may enjoy relaxing on a bed or in a recliner with a light blanket for extra comfort. You are always aware of what is happening, in control, and able to respond to anything that may arise.

How to Set Up  Here is a description of the optimal setup. 

  • Secure for yourself three interruption-free hours with privacy. 
  • Sit in a comfortable chair upright or reclined with a light or medium blanket or covering at the ready. 
  • Set up your device (computer, phone, iPad, etc.) such that the camera shows your head and torso. 
  • Use a reliable device for audio, such as a headset with earbuds and a microphone.

A few days before your session, please download the following two pdfs.

Before a Session and After a Session