Quantum-Healing Clients

[The life visited in the session] showed me the light that I have been searching for and showed me that I am more powerful than I ever realized. … Words cannot describe the experience I had, it’s like I finally woke up and found the light. … The insight I gained is invaluable and it has truly changed my life for the better. I was skeptical coming into it but all of that skepticism disappeared when I realized that I accessed my SC [subconscious or Higher Self].

— L. S. Kalispell, Montana


I have felt more focused and calm since the session, including when plans have changed with my family today. I also feel lighter and less stressed. … I notice I’m more in the present today not as concerned or thinking about the past or future. It feels like a “reset” button was pushed inside me, regardless of what was discussed or “seen/heard” during the hypnosis portion.

— B. S. Whitefish, Montana


A friend told me about her [Kris]. The gentleness, the explanation, the after care, the offer to answer [ask] any questions, the not being rushed feeling, the comfort, the compassion, the environment. And so much more. All the questions given [Kris] to ask were answered. She [Kris] is an amazing conduit. [The most significant part of the session was] Being shown that there is a deeper level to be accessed. What a gift, what a jewel. What a lovely energy. Cannot wait to return.

— C. O. Whitefish, Montana


[What I enjoyed about my experience was] that it was emotionally safe. It was proactive and healing. [The most significant or curious part] was that it worked! It was amazing to be hypnotized and yet aware. It brought out the best in me. … ‘Amazing how one session is life changing! The idea of just “being” has rocked my perspective and that I don’t have to know why to change and heal. … This is a wonderful technique and fun instead of distressing.

— “Blue Columbine,” Kalispell, Montana



I had no expectations going in but was very open to my experience. I love how supportive Kris was on my journey and I felt supported. She never tried to intervene in my healing session but allowed space and encouragement. Thank you Kris for allowing a healing space. A space to transform. A space for answers and movement. And space for just being.